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LinkedIn Guru

Tom’s Linkedin expertise spans all the way from 2004, when he got his first Linkedin invitation! Since then Tom has used Linkedin for just about anything and everything, even selling a company via a Linkedin meeting request!

As a recruiter Tom was one of the first in Europe to use Linkedin systematically. And since selling his social recruitment agency back in 2011, Tom has travelled across the globe sharing his expertise in recruitment, branding, Linkedin and social selling to audiences big and small.

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Keynote Speaker

Tom has given keynote speeches all across Europe, and has had the privilege to give a speech at a TEDx conference in Turku, Finland, in 2017. The TEDx speech can be viewed at

For more information about Tom’s keynote speeches, check out the references section.

Most of Tom’s topics relate to social media recruitment, employer branding, personal branding and Linkedin.

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Tom has authored several books, so far only in Finnish, though. His books incl. e.g. “Sosiaalisen median työkalut osaamisyhteisön kehittämisessä”, “Suhteellinen Rekrytointiteoria”, “Työnhakuopas”, “Henkilöbrändi” and the freely downloadable “Linkedin Megaopas”, also available to download within these pages!

Tom’s next book “Paras työpaikka ikinä!” comes out later in 2019, stay tuned!

And blogs… you’ll find some of the latest ones at the bottom of the page, but you can find an interesting one here as well:



Most of my expertise relates to using social media to the max, and that’s what I prefer teaching. I don’t do trainings or speak about topics that I don’t have experience with. So don’t ask me to come speak about Facebook marketing ;-) That’s what we have other people for.

My favorite topics and most sought after trainings fall into the following categories;

  • Social Media Recruitment / Job Hunting

  • Employer Branding / Employee Branding

  • Social Selling (with Linkedin)

  • Linkedin EVERYTHING

    • B2B marketing, social selling, advertising, personal branding, profile optimization, recruitment and employer branding. etc.

Most of the sessions that I run are actual trainings or workshops, but the number of keynote speeches seems to be increasing. If you wish to know more, request a price, or perhaps wish me to write a guest blog or share my thoughts for a media article, get in touch!

You can reach me at Our Business Development Manager Marko will also be happy to answer your questions at



Depends on the date, topic and location. I travel frequently, and need to figure out when and how to get to each location, so the price may vary a bit. Thus, I prefer to tailor the price accordingly. So send me your preferred date, location, and topic, and let’s discuss! For a quote, contact our BD Manager Marko at

Finland has slightly different services available, so make sure to check them out in Finnish at!



Shoot an email at and let us help you!

“I highly recommend and would gladly attend future training sessions with Tom!” -  Suzie Pearson, Senior HR Advisor, The Brooke, UK

“Excellent course delivered with great knowledge and enthusiasm.” - Talent acquisition manager, Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo W.L.L., Saudi Arabia

“I attended Tom’s social media and LinkedIn recruitment training in Moscow, one of the best trainings I’ve ever seen!”- Alyona Zelentsova, General Manager, Gowlings International Inc., Russia

“This training definitely enhanced our knowledge of social media recruitment!”- HR Manager, Bates Pangulf Group, Dubai / UAE



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