Fuzzy Math: What Employer Brand Metrics Should You Be Measuring?

This is only a very short excerpt from a long post about employer branding metrics, available at: http://recruitingdaily.com/youre-measuring-the-wrong-employer-brand-metrics/  

Brand is one of those business concepts that is difficult to define, much less measure. Employer brand is no different. Even knowing what to measure remains something of a mystery: should it be more about the overall number of applicants for open positions, or should we focus on the quality of those applicants?

Should we measure brand on market sentiment or should we survey how our brand value stacks up against the competition?

There is no easy answer, I’m afraid. For me, it’s always been clear that if I’m personally taking action on something, those actions must be measured to have meaning.

Perhaps that need for measurement is just my inner engineer talking, the same one that drives me to build all sorts of lists and build formulas and stuff.

The one thing I can never get my mind around, though, is how this one thing, employer brand, can be quantified or analyzed with any sort of confidence.

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