A collection of 31 Social Selling statistics

One new statistic announced here each day of January, and at the end of the month there'll be a little surprise... :

  1. Content shared by employees receive 8x more engagement than the same content shared by company/brand channels (Source: Social Media Today).
  2. 77% of B2B buyers said they do not talk to a salesperson until they've performed independent research themselves (Source: CEB)
  3. Leads developed through employee advocacy convert 7x more often than traditional leads (Source: IBM)
  4. B2B buyers complete 57% of the purchasing process before they want to talk to a sales person (Source: CEB)
  5. Brand messages are re-shared 24x more when shared by employees vs. brand/corporate accounts. (Source: MSLGroup)
  6. An employee is 2x more credible than the CEO (Source: Edelman Trust Barometer 2014)
  7. 90% of an employee’s social audience is new to the brand (Source: Dell Study)
  8. Messages reach 561% further when shared by employees vs. same messages shared via official corporate social channels. (Source: MSLGroup)
  9. 92% of buyers say they delete emails or voicemails coming from someone they don't know (Source: A Sales Guy Consulting).
  10. 84% of consumers value recommendations from friends and family above all and any advertising (Source: Nielsen).
  11. 77% of consumers are likely to make a purchase after hearing about it from someone they trust (Source: Nielsen)
  12. A warm referral increases the odds of a sales success two to four times (Source; LinkedIn Social Selling Report)
  13. 75% of B2B buyers use social media in their decision making process (Source: LinkedIn).
  14. B2B buyers are typically 57% of the way through their buying process before they reach out to sales reps (Source: Linkedin)
  15. 76% of B2B buyers prefer vendors referred by people they know (Source: Linkedin)
  16. 65% of buyers agree that vendor's content has significant impact on buying decision (Source: Linkedin)
  17. 70% of customer brand perception is determined by experience with people. (Source: Neal Shaffer & PeopleLinx)
  18. 70% of customers want problems solved, not to be sold to. (Source: Linkedin)
  19. 92% of B2B buyers start their search for a solution to their problem online. (Source: Linkedin)
  20. Employee advocacy results in a 5x increase in web traffic and 25% more leads. (Source: Inc.)
  21. Employees have on average 10 times more social connections than a brand does (Source: Cisco Employee Social Media Study)
  22. Only 33% of buyers trust the brand whilst 90% of customers trust product or service recommendations from people they know (Source: Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey).
  23. 92% of employees’ Twitter followers are new to the brand (Source: Cisco).
  24. 83% of B2B buyers are researching online before making a purchasing decision, and thus rely on your online reputation to make business decisions! (Source: A study by Ogilvy and Google)
  25. The reach of 135 employees engaged in employer advocacy is larger than that of a company page with one million Facebook followers, likes or fans. (Source: Socialmediatoday.com, 2015)
  26. 90% of decision-makers never answer a cold call (Linkedin)
  27. 93% of sales executives have not received any formal training on social selling (Source: Accenture).
  28. 80% believe their salesforce would be more productive with greater social media presence (Source: Sales Management Association), but
  29. 2/3 of companies have no social media strategy for their sales organization (Source: Sales Management Association)
  30. 12% increase in Brand Advocacy generates 2x increase in revenue growth. (Source: The Ultimate Question: Driving Good Profits and True Growth, Fred Reicheheld, fellow at Bain & Company)
  31. 84% of B2B decision makers begin their buying process with a referral (Source: Sales Benchmark Index)