Social Selling with LinkedIn

Social selling is nothing new as such, but today, we have better tools than ever to focus our effort on the larger or more targeted customer groups than ever.

Thus, the ABC of Social Selling is a great training for anyone wanting to leverage the power of world’s biggest professional social media service.

The ABC of Social Selling with LinkedIn

Duration 3 h

In this training we will cover the following aspects of LinkedIn;

  • Profile building and keyword optimization
    • Search engine optimization for personal profiles
  • Visual Content
  • Status updates
  • Groups
    • A secret loophole
  • Publishing and measuring impact of blog articles
    • Following the Pulse feed, commenting
      • The secret feeds
    • Influencer marketing
  • Using tags, notes and reminders
  • Following people and companies
  • Searching and saved searches
  • Profile views and lead building

In addition to these, you’ll learn basics of:

  • Creating buying personas
  • LinkedIn metrics
  • Networking
    • Exporting network data
    • Networking in real-life to build LinkedIn network
  • The Social Selling Index
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