Social Media Recruitment & Employer Branding

Duration 2 days. The training may also be conducted in shorter form, duration 1 day.

Course Outline

Social media is allowing recruiters to work faster, more effectively and with less time and money spent on finding candidates and advertising for opportunities. This is a major shift in how recruiters work all over the world.

With the help of social media tools and services we are able to reach more people than ever before, but at the same time be more focused on talking to just the very best of them instead of spending time on the masses. We can choose the most focused channels to reach only the very best individuals or to reach out to the greatest numbers of somehow relevant people. The job boards, recruitment agencies and headhunters are all equally feeling this change painfully in their daily work.

This training will help you not just to understand the change and the opportunities it brings, but to learn how these new tools and ways of working allow you to be more efficient in finding better candidates cheaper and faster or just to reach larger masses and build yourself a great employer brand that attracts the best applicants your way.

Main points you will learn in this training;

  • Which social media services to use for which type of recruitment
  • Which social media services to use for employer branding and which for direct recruitment
  • Where to advertise jobs in social media
  • How to leverage the free opportunities in social media
  • How to get the most out of LinkedIn in recruitment
  • How to avoid paying for many of the LinkedIn services and still effectively reach and engage the skilled individuals

Who should attend:

  • Recruitment specialists, managers and directors
  • HR personnel from assistants to HR directors
  • Marketing and communications professionals wanting to learn the employer branding best practices

Day One

A brief overview: Social Media services in recruitment and employer branding, case examples e.g. Societe Generale

The social recruiting marketplace – statistics, local vs. global

The significance of employer branding during the “war for talent”


  • Facebook advertising examples in recruitment, free and paid options
  • Using Facebook pages and groups for targeted advertising, talent attraction and employer branding


  • Job advertising (free and paid) in Twitter with real life cases, e.g. Google, IBM
  • Automating Twitter use with Hootsuite, including scheduled publishing, company and competition follow-up, and centralizing social media job advertising with Hootsuite
  • The use of hashtags, how to pick the relevant ones


  • Google Plus is not dead (yet), employer branding examples from the U.S.
  • What is Google Plus good for?
  • Google Hangouts in candidate interviews

YouTube & Vimeo, incl. the use of video in candidate interviews

  • Video recruitment advertising and employer branding with YouTube and Vimeo, e.g. Accenture
  • Activating candidates to apply with video
  • Candidate advice in video format
  • Video interview solutions, e.g. Recruit By Net


  • Recruitment advertising and employer branding in Pinterest with case example (e.g. Sodexo, Intuit)
  • Storytelling at its best!

Snapchat, Periscope, etc.

  • Mobile recruitment examples, e.g. PepsiCo, Accenture

International recruitment channels overview, examples from Germany, Russia, UK, etc.

Gamification in recruitment, examples from UK, New Zealand, France, etc.
Cases French post, New Zealand Air Force, MI5, Hays recruitment, L’Oreal, and more

Day Two


  • Personal profile tricks and treats for employer branding and recruitment
  • Direct recruitment (headhunting) practices
  • Paid advertising vs. free job advertising
    • The Jobs section
    • How to save hundreds, thousands or even more in LinkedIn advertising
  • Basics and benefits of open networking
  • Company profile and the Showcase Pages in recruitment and employer branding
  • Using groups for employer branding and direct search
    • How to save thousands in direct search and “aggressive recruitment”
    • Free contacting tricks
  • LinkedIn’s blogging platform in recruitment and employer branding
    • Including actual job postings
  • Allowing applicants to apply directly from LinkedIn by using the LinkedIn profile
  • Using the Apply with LinkedIn -option outside of the service, e.g. Nokia, Kone, HTC
  • Personal profile optimization for showcasing expertise and specialism the right ways
    • Search engine optimization within LinkedIn
    • Personal profiles for employer branding

Boolean search in social media

Boolean search in search engines

Which social channels suit which types of roles

  • Blue collar vs. White collar

Engaging employees to carry the brand torch in recruitment advertising and employer branding

  • Employee engagement
  • Referrals
  • Formal and informal interviews

About applicant tracking systems

Your social recruitment next steps

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