Social Media Job Searching

Most trainings can be run as light 3 hour training sessions or full day in-depth trainings, and are available as webinar series.

How to utilize Social Media in Job Searching

Duration 3 h – 1 day

The training focuses on how to best utilize Social Media in active job searching and how to build a personal brand to support the job search. The training consists of practical information and case examples how to best utilize these media and tools. We’ll also learn the meaning and impact of open networking in social media.

Part 1

  • Job searching with social media
  • Channels, best practices
  • Facebook and Twitter
  • YouTube and Vimeo, Recruit By Net (video interviews)
  • Instagram and Pinterest
  • Snapchat, Periscope, etc. up and coming tools and services
  • The meaning and benefits of networking in career development and job searching
  • LinkedIn in short
    • setting up a personal profile
  • LinkedIn groups
  • LinkedIn Jobs-section
  • The biggest differences between social media profiles and traditional resume

Part 2

LinkedIn workshop focuses on building up a LinkedIn profile and optimizing it for job search and personal branding. We’ll also get acquainted with different types of LinkedIn groups, the LinkedIn’s Jobs-section, how to apply jobs directly from LinkedIn, and how the LinkedIn’s new-ish blogging platform works.

The training is practical and attendees are expected to have registered an account with LinkedIn prior to the event to be able to follow the training properly. Attendees are not expected to have built personal profile to the service prior to the event. Depending on time limitations, the training may also introduce the hidden job market within LinkedIn.

Guerilla Marketing in Social Media for Job Searching

Duration 2-3 h

The training introduces unorthodox means and outstading case examples in how to use social media creatively when looking for a job. The training is based on real life examples across the globe.

Examples from e.g. the following services;

  • Slideshare
  •,,, Shocase
  • YouTube and Vimeo
  • Prezi
  • Issuu
  • Gamified applications
  • Blogs
  • Pain advertising
  • Graphical resumes from services like, ResumUp, and infographic resumes.

… and some other extremely creative ways to applying or searching for a job.

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