LinkedIn Trainings

We offer a number of different variations of LinkedIn trainings, here are only a few exemplary courses.

All trainings are available both as live trainings as well as webinars and/or video recordings. Send us your specific need and we’ll send you a quote for a tailored training just for Your needs!

Trainings also include a short introduction to LinkedIn’s chosen new and upcoming services, such as ProFinder, Elevate, Referrals, LookUp, Signal, LinkedIn Learning, etc.

Most trainings can be run as light 3 hour training sessions or full day in-depth trainings.

LinkedIn Training (general)

Duration 3-6 hours


Why social media, why LinkedIn?

  • Statistics and overview

Personal branding with social media

  • A professional at work or job searching focus

LinkedIn in-depth

  • Creating a personal profile
  • Profile optimization
  • Content creation
  • Using Groups
  • Corporate profiles
    • Showcase Pages
  • Jobs section
    • Advertising jobs or searching for jobs and saving job alerts
  • The blogging platform
    • A unique possibility explained with a case study and step by step guidance
  • Account settings
  • Chosen paid services can be included in the training depending on focus

Social Selling with LinkedIn

Duration 3-6 hours

Social selling is the new black. Even if it’s nothing that new, really, but a possibility to use social media to reach either a larger or more focused target audience than ever. Thus, Social Selling is more important than ever!

The training focuses on using one’s personal profile and personal network to create better and more business leads, more insight into the target audience to find new and more targeted customer contacts, networking effectively, and to analyze your network and possible following effectively. You wil lalso be acquinted with LinkedIn Groups for brand building, contacting and networking, and in some cases finding leads.

The training enables building a strong personal brand and becoming a trusted advisor within yuour chosen niche. You’ll learn how to use the LinkedIn blogging platform, how to perform better searches and save the searches as alerts, to use profile content to warm up the contacts, and how to avoind paying for InMails and instead reach jus about anyone on LinkedIn totally for free!!!

The training includes a full LinkedIn Personal Profile creation/optimization guidance. The training may include introduction to the Sales Navigator Premium Service by special request.

LinkedIn for Marketing Professionals

Duration 3-6 hours

LinkedIn marketing training includes some of the same building blocks as the Social Selling with Linkedin and the LinkedIn Job Searching trainings, especially what comes to ubuilding the personal profile, but in addition to that you will learn about LinkedIn Company Profiles, Showcase Pages, and the Advertising platform with actual case examples.

Many of LinkedIn’s best features relate to or are directly involving personal profile, and the influencer marketing is big even in B2B marketing. A Company Profile nor a Showcase Pages may not be created without at least one Personal Profile that the pages link to. LinkedIn’s corporate options are poor compared to the options we have available for individual users. Thus this training is heavy on personal use of the service.

  • LinkedIn profile basics
  • LinkedIn Company Profile setup
  • Short introduction to the Careers-page
  • LinkedIn Showcase Pages
  • LinkedIn blogging platform for influencer marketing and brand building
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • LinkedIn advertising options and platform
  • LinkedIn as a customer segmentation tool
  • Options to send individual and mass messages with LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn’s paid services in short

LinkedIn Recruiting

Duration 3-6 hours

See Services-section for Social Media Recruitment and Employer Branding training for in-depth information. The LinkedIn Recruiting training is a shorter, more limited / focused version of the larger package.

Key takeaways

  • Relevant statistics based on company industry and location
  • Personal profile basics, how to influence the employer brand
  • Networking principles and effectiveness (Important!)
  • Posting job ads at Jobs section
  • Enabling applicants to apply jobs with LinkedIn profiles
  • Using LinkedIn Groups for empoyer branding and free job advertising
  • Headhunting with LinkedIn Groups, a great way to avoid paying for job ads or InMails!!!
  • Posting jobs as blog posts, status updates and more
  • Employee engagement principles at LinkedIn
  • Introduction to LinkedIn’s Recruiter Lite Premium Service
  • Recruiting with the Company Profile
  • Introduction to the Careers page
  • Showcase Pages for effective employer branding and  job advertising
    • Free and paid options
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